December 29, 2009

Cicala MVTA - The Chindon Avant Garde

Directed by the clarinetist Wataru Ohkuma, Cicala MVTA is a contemporary ensemble that plays the old style of Chindon music, or music played by marching bands. Their fusion with brass music, jazz, funk, punk, and even with Japanese folk music includes some influences of the Zeuhl music. Produced by Tatsuya Yoshida, who leads Koenjihyakkei, Cicala MVTA is a progressive band that incorporates impressive wind solos, the sound of violin, Chindong and gorosu to their songs and a vibrant live performance.

Indomitable people Shikaramuta

The pillow walk (2004)


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  3. Tonight at 8pm on The Cookout:

    - Knives Out 2 cast
    - Venom 2: trailer released
    - Jupiter’s Legacy: Do we need another super hero show?
    - Mortal Kombat: Favorite Fatalities
    - Opening scene for Spiral released. Is there and film genre you can’t handle?
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