January 3, 2010

Vanessa-Mae - You may already know her!

vanessa_mae Vanessa Mae doesn’t need introduction. So we aren’t going to introduce her! :). Visit her official site for lots of information. I will only say that I used to like her music a lot when I was a teenager. She was like a bridge between the pop music world I was used to live in, and the classical music world that at the time I was just starting to discover. I was listening to her 2001 album, Subject To Change, and I liked the last song. Here it is.

Update: Unfortunately, the Youtube user removed both videos which were the pieces titled Jamais and The Blessed Spirits. I will change the not working videos for other ones that I also like.

Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (1995)

The following piece was one of my favorites from more than 10 years ago. Unfortunately this version is truncated due to Youtube limits. The complete piece is about 14 minutes long. Update: The video was changed (see note above) .

Contradanza (1995)


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