September 10, 2009

Urban Symphony - Classical Pop Girl Band

5defd2f2f9024ec Urban Symphony hasn’t released its first album yet, but it has already some recognition after their successful participation in Eurovision Song Contest 2009, where its song Rändajad gained the 6th place.

The band has four members. Sandra Nurmsalu, 20 years old, sings and plays the violin.  Johanna Mängel, who has dedicated 12 of her 18 years studying cello. Mari Möldre, who is just 16 years old, has already played cello in numerous places in the world. Mann Helstein plays the viola, having been part of several European orchestras during her 21 years.

Päikese Poole (2009)

Rändajad (2009)

September 7, 2009

Transglobal Underground – Ethnic Melodies From East And West

transglobal The sounds of ethnic-electronic music is the essence of the collective Transglobal Underground, one of the first bands to mix folk music (Arab, Indian and African rhythms)  with electronic music. Formed in 1990 in London, this band has featured Johnny KalsiHeitham Al Sayed, who are British musicians with Asian and African origins, and Natacha Atlas, the famous Egyptian-Belgian singer who started her career with them. This band won in 2008 a BBC world music award in the Club Global category.

Delta Disco  (1998)
Army of forgotten souls (1993)

September 5, 2009

The Orange Sky - Heavy Metal + Reggae

OrangeSky1 The Orange Sky is a band from Trinidad And Tobago that plays a fusion of heavy metal and reggae. It has toured with many first class metal bands such as Metallica, Yngwie Malmsteen, White Lion and others. Their live shows are recognized for being very good. “Our live show is sex for us,” says Nigel, the band’s guitarist. “That’s where we make our real connection. The recording is one thing, and we respect that, but the real connection is the live show. We love to play and we love to connect in that way.”.

Yesterday & Tomorrows (2009)

Is There Anybody There (Scorpions Cover) (2009)

September 3, 2009

The Bambir - Avant-Garde Armenian Folk Music

bambir_0001 After listening to Armenian music for hours, I have finally decided to make this post about The Bambir. This band has a remarkable sound that mixes Armenian folk music (which is very nice on its own) with progressive rock. The more I listen to this band, the more I like it.  This band is unfortunately not very well known outside of Armenia, I was unable to find their music outside of youtube.

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