December 27, 2009

Adrian Dutchin - New Soca From Guyana


After an intense search through the music from Guyana for several days, Adrian Dutchin came to me as a surprise with  a beautiful Christmas song featured in Guyana Music Arts blog. Upon a little internet investigation, I knew this was the Guyanese artists I was looking for. A clever mix of soca rhythms, a very popular style in this country, with influences from R&B and chutney.


At the age of 22, he released his first album titled No limits, after his participation in several bands, including one called Seven which was dissolved. Recently, in 2009, he released an album called Finally. Dutchin was also nominated to the 2009 Accolade awards, nomination which, according to Guayana Music Arts, excited this talented artist. With Adrian Dutchin, Sound Energy Flux now has music from all the South American countries! Yaaayy! :D

Merry Christmas!

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