June 2, 2009

Rodrigo y Gabriela – Classical Guitars On Fire

rodrigo-y-gabriela Although they started as a thrash metal band, Rodrigo y Gabriela found their true language in the sound of classical guitar, through a fusion of rock, folk, and Latin music which, as they explain, is not easy to define.

This Mexican guitar duo is mainly acclaimed outside of their country, from where they parted while searching for new sonorities and a wider public. Success was waiting for them in Ireland, where their fast and rhythmic playing style felt like home.

Ixtapa (2006)

The previous song, Ixtapa, is named after a beautiful Mexican town. Being Led Zeppelin fans, they describe this song as “our very own Stairway to Heaven!”. The wild Hungarian violin that joins the guitars in the middle of the piece, is the perfect complement.

Rodrigo y Gabriela were picked by MTV as their Artist of the Week. For this special occasion, they recorded a couple of videos, the following is one of them. Tamacun is the name of an eccentric Mexican who lives in Ixtapa. He is known for handling crocodiles to show them off to tourists, while teaching kids to respect nature.

Tamacun (2006)

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