June 1, 2009

Tiki Taane – Aotearoa Sounds


Salmonella, a well known dub band in New Zealand, was led by Tiki Taane, a musician, DJ, producer and sound engineer. However, Taane, who was born in the Maori tribe of Ngati Maniamoto, wanted to start a new project, despite the fact that his band was one of the most successful of NZ. His album Present, Past and Future expresses in its tracks the feeling of being from Aotearoa, the New Zealand of Maori people.

The first single, Tangaroa (which means 'God of the sea'), shows the strength of the Haka Dance, an antique Maori tradition that was usually performed before a battle. This song is one of the first where Taane openly shows his roots. The sounds of percussion and chants, create not only a song, but a mystical experience to the listener.

Tangaroa (2007)
Dub Soldier (2007)

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