June 3, 2009

Fanfare Ciocarlia – The Skylark of Brass

fanfare-ciocarlia The richness of Roman music has been acknowledged in this blog in previous posts. The sense of membership of Gipsy people, their fight against discrimination, and their strong voices have been some of the discussed topics. But one of the most typical features of this music is the role of the brass bands, as a musical support. Fanfare Ciocarlia, a Romanian band is an example of this feature. Formed by twelve vigorous gipsies who play their music by randomly adding fast melodic solos, with instrument such as trumpet or clarinet. Fanfare Ciocarlia includes instruments like tubas, saxophones, percussions, clarinets and trumpets.

Its name is composed of two words which mean 'brass band' and 'skylark', respectively. The fusion of Carpathian Mountains' folk and some tunes of Turkish and Austrian brass bands, has the bucolic spirit of the village's small bands, which learn this songs by memorizing them and playing them in family parties.

Manea Cu Voca (2001)

Nicoleta (1998)

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