May 17, 2009

Sepultura - Metal roots

Sepultura-Roots-Frontal Sepultura doesn’t need presentation. This is one of the few metal bands whose importance gets to the point of helping define the metal genre itself. Powerful guitar rhythms, ethnically inspired percussions,  emphasis on groove over speed (from the release of Chaos A.D onwards), socially aware lyrics, and the potent voice of Max Cavalera (who was later succeeded by Derrick Green), are some of Sepultura’s most acclaimed attributes.

The Hunt(1993)

The following song comes from their sixth studio album, Roots. This album masterfully continued what Sepultura had started in Chaos A.D 3 years earlier, namely, an experimentation with the Brazilian music rhythms that were as far as inviting Carlinhos Brown, a popular Brazilian musician previously featured in this blog, to participate in the co-authoring and vocals of the following song, titled Ratamahatta.

Ratamahatta (1996)

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