May 18, 2009

Ba Cissoko - The Jimi Hendrix of Kora

The epic songs of the Mandingo tribe are the main inspiration to Ba Cissoko, widely regarded as the Master of kora and the most gifted pupil of the legendary musician M'Bady Kouyaté. Ba Cissoko has been called the Jimi Hendrix or the Eric Clapton of Kora by Nat Geo Music. His hypnotic melodies and his skills to combine urban sounds, tribal cadences and his kora, have made him and his band one of the most important Guinean groups and the best known in Europe, where they have performed in countries like the United Kingdom and France.


Ba is the son of Kandara Cissoko, the leader of Ballet Djoliba, a famous troupe of dancers and musicians that used to perform in different rituals in Guinea. His band is formed by the two sons of Kouyaté (Kórou and Sékou Kouyaté who play the kora and the bass respectively) and Ibrahima Bah Konkouré, a percussionist who has spent his childhood and part of his teen years playing in the beaches to earn some money. 


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