May 19, 2009

Diana King – And the 90’s nostalgia

defimage1 Today I re-discovered Diana King, a singer from Jamaica whose song Shy guy I used to love when I was a child, even though I didn’t understand the lyrics. But who cares about the lyrics when you have a song that features a playful rhythm, passionate voice arrangements and an overall groovy sonority that was able to playback over and over in my mind. I particularly like how she plays with the words to create a cheerful beat.

Shy Guy (1993)

Diana’s music is a clever fusion of soul, reggae, pop and R&B. On her website, in the context of her latest album, Respect, she explains her musical evolution:

I spent a lot of my life trying to figure out my style. I started out as a singer but reggae rapping is a part of my history. I battled with it for a long time because I was afraid of being categorized as either a pop and soul singer or a reggae artist but with this new album, I’m coming to terms with who I am musically.

I couldn’t find any streamable song from this album, so I will put another of her singles from her second one. This song is in the same spirit of the previous one, but with a bunch of nice touches that gives it a personality of its own.

L-L-Lies (1997)

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