May 20, 2009

Les Boukakes – The Räi Rock

les_boukakes'Boukake', a term composed of the words 'monkey' and 'Moorish' (in french), is an insult to denigrate North African people who have immigrated to France. Les Boukakes, a band whose members come from countries like Tunisia, Algeria, Kurdistan, Corsica, Italy, Morocco and France, is an example of how this minority can go beyond the offenses and make music that many Europeans like, despite the meaning of its name.

The sounds of gnawa, räi and the Arabian Andalusian music blended with rock or electronic music form a genre that the members of Les Boukakes have called 'The Räi of the cities'. Les boukakes, who have been nominated in 2007 to a BBC World Music Award, have shared stage with musicians such as Femi Kuti, Manu Chao, Natacha Atlas and others.


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