May 21, 2009

Frente! - The admiration sign deserves to be there

frente! This Australian band added a thin page to the history of pop, but it was a page full of color and of admiration sings. Frente! released their first album in 1992, from where many songs became hits in Australia. Their success grew overseas when the single Bizarre Love Triangle, a cover version of New Order's song, reached the most important rock and pop charts in Europe. Unfortunately, after the second album in 1996, which wasn’t very successful, Frente! disbanded.

I came to this band thanks to a recent revival of some 90’s music that was resting in the depths of my hard drive. I only knew one song of Frente!, so I investigated a little and was pleased to learn that this band is actually very good. I will put two songs, one of them was a popular single in Australia, the second one is less known, but it is easily my favorite.

Cuscutlan (1992)

Labour of Love (1992)

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