April 26, 2009

X Plastaz – Masaai MC’s

xplastazBased in Arusha, a small town of Tanzania, X plastaz has become one of the most successful hip hop groups of East Africa. Its mix consists of a fast rapping in swahili (that sounds very rhythmic, by the way) combined with the traditional chants of the Masaai tribe. In fact, one of its members is among the best known masaai singers in this country. This first video shows us how is the life in a masaai village in the middle of the desert. A part of this song says: "We would make fire under a tree, consuming meat and milk in the traditional way... Please don't laugh, even if it's funny."

Aha! (2004)

The singer who appears in the first part of the previous video, Faza Nelly, was killed by a violent neighbour three years ago. Since then, X Plastaz has not recorded any album but has toured and played in different places of Africa. However, this year the members of X plastaz will come back to a recording studio.

Msimu kwa Msimu (2004)

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