April 25, 2009

Umalali - The Garifuna Women's Project

16_dancing_women_(rath1702) During 10 years, a Belizean musician and producer, Ivan Duran, worked on a project that started as a search of unknown but exceptional female voices throughout the Garifuna villages in Belize, where a Central American ethnic group known as Garifuna people, live.

The recordings of these voices were initially in daily places, like kitchens, living rooms or in the streets, but, as the project matured, Duran set up a studio, where he started recording what later became the album titled Umalali: The Garifuna women’s project, available on Amazon.

Mérua (2008)

Many of the songs were composed by the women who sang them, which is something common among the Garifuna people. As Duran explains,

With women, music is more part of their daily lives. They are the bearers of most of the traditions, they are the ones who teach the Garifuna language to the children.

However, Duran made many arrangements, mixing the traditional singing with elements of blues, rock, Latin music and African music, thus creating a warm atmosphere that is able to appeal to a wide audience.

Nibari (2008)

Visit their myspace page to listen to this song in a complete version  as well as more awesome songs.

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