April 27, 2009

Arian Band – The Real Face of Iran

Arian-music-band Some bands have so many good songs that it gets difficult to select the two that will accompany a post. Arian Band, an Iranian pop band born in 2000, is one of these. The formation of this band is something not very often seen in the West, let alone in the Middle East. With nine members, three of them females, Arian Band has broken through the gender barrier to become the first band of its kind in their country.

Ghasedak (2008)

The political climate in Iran has been changing during the last years, making possible for them to tour outside of their country, thus letting the world know about them and their music. They have taken advantage of this opportunity to show a different face of Iran to the world. As Ali Pahlavan, the leader of the band, said in an interview with the BBC:

If you go to Iranian movies all you see is misery - nothing else. People think Iran is like this - everything is a desert, all the people are crying... We wanted to show the real Iran.

Nagoo (2008)

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