April 28, 2009

Susana Baca – The black side of Peru

38049_D The afroperuvian music had been for many years an unknown heritage that was hidden behind the traditional andean music. But in 1995, when David Byrne discovered Susana Baca’s talent, the sounds of instruments like the peruvian cajón were shown to the world, in the disc ‘El alma del Perú Negro’, edited by Luaka Bop, the record label of Byrne.

Born in Chorrillos, the black neighborhood of Lima, Susana Baca grew up in an atmosphere with a high musical richness. Her father was a guitarist, and her aunts sang with the style of Aretha Franklin. Now Susana, a descendant of black and indigenous people, is considered the most important singer of Peru, and the heiress of Chabuca Granda, a legend of the afroperuvian song.

Toro mata

Married with the sociologist Ricardo Pereira, Susana Baca has dedicated her life to the research of the afroperuvian music with him. They published the book ‘El fuego y el agua’, where they included testimonies and documents of this ethnic group and its musical legacy.

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