January 26, 2010

Mulatu Astatke - Ethiojazz


When I listened to the following song in the Jim Jarmusch movie “Broken Flowers”, I liked its jazzy vintage style:

Yegelle Tezeta (2005)

However, it never occurred to me that the author of this song was African, maybe because I had an stereotyped view about how African music should sound, like tribal chants or something. Since I started this blog, I have discovered that African music can sound in so many different ways, that it always surprises me. Anyway, this cool music belongs to the brilliant musician Mulatu Astatke, the creator of a new African genre, the Ethiojazz. Astatke, an arranger, vibraphonist and composer, has played with prominent musicians such as Louis Armstrong, and was the first African to study at the Berklee college of music.

Yekermo Sew (2005)

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