June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson - Rest In Peace

thrillerera132 I still find yesterday's news unbelievable. I have no words to describe the big gap that Michael Jackson’s death has left in the pop world and in the heart of many people, including me. With the web flooded with information about him, in this post I just want to briefly describe how much his music means to me.

One of the first album I’ve ever bought was Michael Jackson’s Dangerous, when I was 8 or 9 years old. After that, I started to collect his LP’s, one after another, spending whole days listening to his music and even recording my own “best of” compilations. I was particularly proud of having found a rare vinyl where he sings with the Jacksons’ 5, after many many days searching through the city.

I remember myself trying to dance like him, as thousands of people did at the time, singing his songs, learning his lyrics (despite I didn’t speak English very well), watching Moowalker over and over again and dreaming with going to any of his concerts, which was unfortunately not possible.

The following song, while not one of his best known, is one of my favorites. I really LOVE this song.

Liberian Girl (1987)

Damn, I'm trying to choose a second video but I'm realizing that I have specific memories related to a many of his songs, and that's making the selection very difficult! (Sigh) Ok.

Earth Song (1995)

There's an echo right now in the whole world. I join my voice to it... Rest in peace. We'll miss you.

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