June 27, 2009

The Cinematic Orchestra – Emotions Made Music


Cinematic Orchestra is not an orchestra in the traditional sense. Its music, consisting of electronic and acoustic sounds, is a combination of synthesizers, piano, saxophone, trumpet and guitar, with the mixes of Jason Swinscoe, a DJ and visual artist. Swinscoe, who leads this ensemble, has created different melodies influenced by jazz improvisation in electronic backgrounds. Sometimes, chamber music instruments complement the arrangements.

The voices of singers such as Lou Rhodes, Patrick Watson, or Fontella Bass are the accompaniment of sweet and melancholic ballads which have been played in TV Shows and Movies because of the moving effects of its lyrics. To build a Home -a particularly stunning song - is an example of how emotions can be explored in a song with just a touching piano tune and emotional and intimate vocal passages.

To build a Home (2007)
Breathe (2007)

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