May 12, 2009

Gjallarhorn – The band that sounds like the mythologic horn


Gjallarhorn was, in the Scandinavian mythology, a horn whose Heimdal, guardian of Asgard, announced the battle of the world's end. This Finnish quartet took this word to name its music, a strange mix of didgeridoo (which was later replaced with a contrabass), viola, percussion, and voice. The result is a deep sonority, which has a special resonance with the beatiful voice of Jenny Wilhelms, a student of the famous Sibelius Music Academy.


The fusion of contemporary rythms like jazz or rock, with instruments like Yembe -imported from Africa- and folk music, has been praised by many world music experts. Based on Ostrobothnia, a region where most people speak Swedish as a consequence of a colonization process that dates back to the middle age, Gjallarhorn includes in its lyrics extracts from epic poems of Icelandic literature.


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