April 11, 2009

Yat-Kha - Ancestral Rock

IMG_7738z Yat-Kha is certainly unique in the rock world. Its founder, Albert Kuvezin, is a musician from Tuva, a federal subject of Russia, but moved to Moscow, where Yat-Kha was born in 1991. Tuvinian music is known primarily for its particular singing style, known as throat singing. This vocal technique, developed for generations, is remarkable for its use of overtones, producing more than one note at the same time.

Come Along (2003)

Yat-Kha has won important awards, including the renowned BBC Radio 3 World Music Awards in 2002 in the Asian category. The path from their beginnings wasn’t easy, though. They had to fight against communist musical censorship in order to play their music and win the international recognition they now enjoy. Visit their official website for further information.

Ahoi (2005)

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