April 12, 2009

Baobab Orchestra - Senegal

In the mid seventies, the Baobab Orchestra was considered one of the best bands in Africa. The fusion of many different cultural elements of afro cuban music (popular since the 40's in Dakar) and Senegalese music, characterized it. A proof of the orchestra's uniqueness is its mix of Senegalese rythms with latin rythms like son cubano, and its lyrics in different languages like wolof, diola or even spanish.

Dee Moo woor

This orchestra, founded in 1970 to make enjoyable the meetings of the ministers of the Senegalese government, became very succesful in Africa and Europe very quickly. It recorded fifteen albums until 1987, year in which Baobab was dissolved. In 2002, however, the orchestra was reunited with the help of the famous Senegalese singer Youssou N' Dour.

Bul Ma Miin

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