April 22, 2009

Checkpoint 303 - Electronic wail from Palestine

Inspired by the life of people from occupied territories, Checkpoint 303, a group of musicians from Palestine and Tunisia, has based its sound in live recordings over the streets of the main Palestinian cities. "It is not so much the fact that the founding members are of arabic origin that defines the issues we talk about in our music. It is rather a strong conviction that injustice anywhere in the world should be reported, fought and exposed to the world" said its founders, SC Yosh and Sc Mocha, in an interview.

They capture the daily sounds of local people and mix it with samples and melodies played in Oud. Their name was based on 'Checkpoint 300', a zone between Bethlehem and East Jerusalem that is guarded by soldiers, restricting the passage of Palestinian people to Israel.

Streets O' Ramallah (2007)

One of the most unique features of Checkpoint 303 is the fact that they are clearly not interested in selling. Their listeners can only get their music by downloading it on their website. Furthermore, their lyrics are very critical about the situation of people in Palestina, who, according to them, need to resist the military abuse and the human rights violation. They don't want to be restricted to say what they think, so they prefer to produce their music by themselves.


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