March 26, 2009

Chocquibtown - Hip hop from Pacific region

When a journalist asked the members of Chocquibtown (Chocó, Quibdó, Town) how could they define their music, they answered: 'We are the folk for the new generations'. Chocquibtown, is a hip hop band that mixes different elements from the pacific region of Colombia (like marimba de chonta, tambora, and the singing of the cantaoras from Chocó) with rap music. This band, based on Quibdó, Colombia, is formed by the MC's 'Tostao' (Carlos Valencia), 'Goyo' (Gloria Ramírez) and Slow (Miguel Ramírez).

This first video is from the song ' Somos Pacifico', maybe one of the best known songs from Chocquibtown, and was filmed in Condoto, Chocó. The lyrics are about being black and born in this town, which is the poorest of Colombia.

Somos Pacífico (2006)

The second song, one of their first recordings made with a colombian reggae band, Kilimanjahro, is a cover from 'La palma del chontaduro' of Peregoyo y su combo Vacana, a traditional group from Chocó. This song is barely known, even to some of the Chocquibtown fans.

La palma del chontaduro

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