January 8, 2010

Kokolo Afrobeat – The Fela’s International Heritage


Led by the Venezuelan guitarist Ray Lugo, Kokolo Afrobeat is one of the most popular afrobeat bands since Fela Kuti. Started in New York, where other groups such as Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra or The Daktaris are also part of the local afrobeat movement, Kokolo Afrobeat is an American band that has tried to prove the universal character of Afrobeat , which is a mix of funk and jazz with a huge influence of African rhythms.

Its members, who have different origins (India, Venezuela, USA) decided to name their project Kokolo, which is a word used in the Latin Harlem, used to designate a fan of African music.

Donkey (2007)
Talk - action = zero(2007)

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