January 12, 2010

Fever Ray – Insomniac Swedish Songs


The rare and soft voice of Karin Dreijer, made even stranger through distortion effects, is the main component of Fever Ray, a solo project undertaken by this singer after being the lead voice of The Knife. Karin, who captivated me with the vocals in the Royksöpp’s song ‘What Else is there?’ , recorded her first album in 2009, simply named Fever Ray.

This album brings us unusual and dark sounds, inspired by the chronic insomnia which tormented Karin after the birth of her daughter. Her songs, rhythmically varied and dense, sound to me almost like ritual chants, as they have an unusual atmosphere. This can be seen in the following video, directed by the Danish Martin de Thurah.

When I grow up (2009)
I'm Not done

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