December 23, 2009

Jackson C. Frank - The most unlucky musician of all time


Everything changed for the American folk singer Jackson Frank after a furnace exploded near his Elementary School, when he was 11 years old. Fifteen of his fellow students died, and he was hospitalized for seven months.

This event left a deep mark in Jackson’s life. His lack of self-confidence and depression increased steadily after a series of events following the recording of his first album, which was simply titled Jackson C. Frank.

The death of his first son caused his depressive tendencies to increase to the point of being committed to an institution. From this moment on, his life went down hills, having to live on the streets for many years, until one of old friends found him and helped him find a decent place to live.

I Want to Be Alone (Dialogue) (1965)

Soon after this, Jackson was shot in the left eye by an stranger, blinding him, at the age of 55. One year later, Frank died of cardiac arrest and pneumonia.

Milk And Honey (1965)

By the way, the title of this post was taken from a Reddit post, where I knew about this singer. So thanks for that!

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