August 20, 2009

Dhafer Youssef - The Jazzy Sufi Music

youssefThe warm sound of the Oud, a string instrument from the Arab region similar to the lute, is the main gift that Dhafer Youssef offers to this flux.  This musician, composer, singer and, of course, Oud player, was born in Tunisia, but has recorded and produced almost all his music in different European countries.  His music, inspired by the Sufi tradition, has a touch of contemporary genres like jazz (which makes it a little bit  irregular) or electronic music. This mix has led him to create melodies with a lot of musical elements from the West and the East equally, so Youssef can’t really be considered a folk musician.

Youssef’s mastery of this instrument gives characteristic colors and shades to his songs, and a very pleasant effect of a well executed piece with a clean and atmospheric sound. Youssef, who started singing at the age of 5, sometimes includes vocal effects in his music. He also has a touching depth in his voice and uses it to sing passages with the ancient influence of Islamic chants.


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