June 12, 2009

Foula - Voodoo Jazz

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Special occasions require special music. Enter Foula, a group which, according to Wikipedia, was the first in Haiti to make a successful fusion of Jazz and Voodoo music.

The YouTube description of the following video says a lot more than I could possibly say about this group… it is extremely difficult to find information about Foula online.

One of the best groups from the "Mouvman Rasin" (Roots Movement) music scene in Haiti. Foula called their music "Vodou Jazz". The members of the group were: Jean-Raymond Giglio (percussion), Gaston "Bonga" Jean-Baptiste (percussion), "Rasin" (percussion), Wilfred "Tido" Levaud (guitar & lead vocals), Yves "Chico" Boyers (bass) and Thurgot Theodat (sax & percussion).
This music video was shot on location in LaPlenn, Haiti, the song "Sove", is a Rara (traditional processional/carnival from Haiti).


Neg Kap Pote (1990)

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