June 17, 2009

Daara J – A Rapper Boomerang

'The School of life' is the meaning in Wolof of Daara J's name, a Senegalese rap group. Through English, French and Spanish, they sing tunes in the Tassou style, a native musical form which recites the daily life and the opinions of the Senegalese people. This style is very similar to rap.

The band's name somehow reflects their commitment against the political issues of its land, such as the fight with the corruption in the elections of 2000. This rap doesn´t speak about bling-bling or hot girls. It is a very catchy style that clearly presents Africa as the place where the rhythm was born.


The previous theme, a song featuring the Malian singer Rokia Traoré, is a reference to boomerangs, those objects that you throw and they come back to you. Like a boomerang, hip hop music, whose origins are black, returns in its African version to its roots.


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