May 29, 2009

Jurga - Lithuanian Art Rock

1176930000_tc54388d2 If I close my eyes while listening to Jurga’s music, I start to see precious landscapes, the wind subtly blowing on my face, the sun lightly touching everything with its gentle light. It’s like a trip to a distant place, a trip where the only luggage is her charming voice.

Jurga is a Lithuanian art rock singer who started her musical career back in 2005. After the successful release of her first album, followed by a second one in 2007, Jurga has won several awards, and, more importantly, the admiration and love of her many followers in Lithuania and Europe.

The following video was filmed during a trip to Afghanistan. It was based on an Afghan folk song. There is an English version, called Sandman’s child, but I love the sonority of the Lithuanian language.

Smelio Zmones (2007)

Prie Žalio Vandens (2007)

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