May 6, 2009

Dadawa – A peculiar Chinese voice

dadawaZhu Zheqin, better known in Asia as Dadawa, is one of those musicians that have a special sensibility for the Tibetan culture, in spite of the fact that she is not from there. Born in the province of Guangzhou, Dadawa was discovered by He Xuntian, an Tibetan music expert. Her voice, which has a powerful timbre, is similar to other voices of her country but is characterized for its strenght.

Seven drums (1998)

Her two albums, recorded with eight years of difference, have two definite styles. The first one, Voices in the sky, has a marked tibetan influence, including the song instrumentation. The second one, Seven Days, has some buddhist references and is closer to the Chinese culture. Dadawa, who has been called by some critics the ‘Chinese Enya’, is recognized for her particular music, which some classify as new age, but others label as experimental, because of some atypical harmonies.

Seven Days (2006)

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