April 9, 2009

Nuttea - 10 years looking for a song of him

nuttea-20050516-40310 About 10 years ago, my sister showed me a French song that I instantly loved. However, the song was on a custom compilation given out to her by a friend, and the title of the song was just a nasty “Artist - Track 10”. Being in french, I couldn’t understand at all the lyrics, so the artist and the song remained a mystery to me. About a week ago, I happily got to know that the infamous “Track 10” that I liked so much for many years, was “Unité”, by Nuttea.

Unité (2000)

A French ragga singer born in 1968, Nuttea’s real name is Olivier Lara.  His 2000 album Un signe du temps sold more than 700000 copies, positioning Nuttea as one of the most important exponents of the French reggae scene. The following song was the biggest hit of this album.

Elle te rend dingue (2000)

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