April 15, 2009

Nameless - Good energy for everyone

Nameless “There are two kinds of people in the world, those who have got names and those who are nameless”. Thus starts the hip hop song Megarider, that in 1999 led David Mathenge, better known as Nameless, to fame.

Although he didn’t have formal training as a musician, after winning a music contest on a Kenyan radio station, he started a unstoppably successful career that has not only reached many African countries, but also USA and the UK.

The following song won the Channel O Music Video Awards for Best Male Video, the Kilimanjaro Music Awards for Best East African Song and the Kisima Music Awards in 2006 for Best Video.

Sinzia (2006)

The following song also won the Kilimanjaro Music Awards for Best East African Song in 2009. Nameless' formula for success is to create songs that are energetic and positive. “I like to describe happy and enjoyable situations that take place within the society. I want to make people forget their problems and look at life in a positive way.” And he does this very well.

Salari (2008)

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