April 4, 2009

Gipsy Cz - Czech Republic

3680495_218094_gipsy.czHip hop has been since its origin a style of music that criticizes the social system and denounces problems like unequal economic conditions, the dangers of streets and corruption. Now, with Gipsy Cz, hip hop is used for showing how the ethnic minority of romani people has been mistreated for ages and how discrimination against this nomadic culture continues.

The sound of a violin, an accordion and a guitar together with the beatboxing and voice of a gipsy hopper are the parts of the mix that have represented Czech Republic in the last Eurovision Festival. This band has demonstrated that a song in romani language can be a hit that sounds everywhere in cities like Prague, even when gipsy people have not been totally accepted in Europe.

Jednou (2008)

Love Love (2009)

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