April 1, 2009

Daby Touré - Just listen to his music

Daby_toure Born in a country where musicians are in the lowest caste and nobody supports music economically, Daby Touré’s father didn't want him to become a musician. “In Mauritania, the profession of musician doesn't really exist”, explains Daby. In spite of this, music was in his veins and he used to play different instruments with his friends wherever he went.

Later on, he moved to Paris, where he started to forge his own style by experimenting with different kinds of fusion of african and european music. In his own words, “All the music I picked up when I was young is still in me and that doesn't change. But in my music I am still searching, and mixing, and trying new things. I am African but I am also European.”

Setal (2008)

His first album, Diam, was the product of many years of work in his home studio, where he did all the composition, performance, arrangement and mixing of the songs. The outcome is a unique sound, where he sings in many languages, including English, French, Wolof, Pulaar and Hassaniya.

“My songs are about giving people an emotion, making them feel good... even if they don’t understand what I am talking about because I’m not speaking a language they understand”, says Touré, regarding Stereo Spirit, his second album.

We don't need (2008)

Recently he teamed up with Skip McDonald, an old school bluesman from Dayton, Ohio, to produce their new album, Call my name, released just a couple weeks ago.

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