February 1, 2009

About Sound Energy Flux

It’s fun to share with others the music we like. That’s what we do in this blog.

The authors
This blog is written by a man and a woman who enjoy all aspects of music, from the rhythm and harmony, to the lyrics and the social function. We both have played instruments, clarinet and keyboards, and we both have found ourselves enjoying different, almost opposite, kinds of music.

Price of Silence - 16 of the world's top musicians together 

As this blog is primarily about sharing, we would be satisfied if you find any artist in here that is of your liking. We encourage you to leave a comment if you like something or to suggest an artists if you would like to see it posted on the blog. Obviously we want to reach as many people as we can, so if you have a blog or a website, feel free to link to us.

Let’s finish with a very special video where Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, from the famous band Led Zeppelin, sing and play along with people from Algeria, in a native music style called Gnawa: definitely not the kind of thing you see everyday!

No Quarter Unledded

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